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Our Story

The Piñon Project Family Resource Center is a a non-profit organization that was created in 1994 in response to a grassroots movement to create a healthier future for Montezuma County. Today, with strong community support, The Piñon Project provides services that promote outcomes for over 3,000 families and their children in SW Colorado every year.

We care about building healthy futures for children and families in our community! 

The Piñon Project is a member of The Family Resource Center Association's network of statewide family resource centers that implement a 2Gen approach in our work with families, to help them become more self-reliant in areas that affect their family stability; including parenting, health, education, employment, housing, and financial management. ​


As poverty in Montezuma County (17.4 percent poverty rate and 8.4 percent unemployment) has many faces, and generational poverty has somehow become the norm in this rural community, implementation of services that focus on poverty reduction is a priority at The Piñon Project.


Participation in our programs is impacting poverty in our community and influencing behaviors that will lead to building and increasing personal resources for those living in poverty, essentially increasing their ability to be resilient and empower them to take charge of their own lives.


​We strive to work in partnership with families and the community to provide support in developing goals and objectives that meet their family needs and adhere to a delivery of service model that includes the Strengthening Families Framework and Family Development model.

The Piñon Project community goals include:

  1. youth development

  2. community capacity

  3. access to health care

  4. Early Childhood Education

  5. parent education and support

  6. increasing family stability and self-sufficiency


Programs that support these goals include an Early Learning Center, early childhood education and parenting programs, youth services programs (Mentoring and Sources of Strength), Emergency Assistance Coalition (homelessness prevention), Access to Health programs (Eating Smart Being Active) and Family Programs (Successful Families).


We employ approximately 50 staff members that provide knowledge and passion to more than 20 programs that are currently ongoing. We are committed to community collaboration and work in partnerships with other local agencies to provide supportive services that will positively impact children and families in our communities. 

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